10-year-old invents T-shirt mask

10-year-old Matthew Valerio invented a T-shirt/mask combo to help keep his classmates and himself safe.


10-year-old Rancho Cordova, California, native Matthew Valerio invented a T-shirt/mask combination to keep himself and his classmates safe.

"It has fasteners on it and you can take the mask. And you can take out the mask when you want and just put it on like this," Matthew says.

Matthew hopes that his invention will help students get back to school.

"It can keep people safe, and ... my classmates and I and everyone can go back to school and be safe, so I can play and everything," said Matthew Valerio.

The hope is that parents will be comfortable knowing their children will always have their masks on hand.

Matthew’s father, Juan Valerio, said, "Parents are gonna be concerned when their kids have a face mask that stays with them and it did not get misplaced and that didn’t get lost. They came back with the same one they went to school with."

Matthew’s invention makes it much easier for anyone to keep track of their mask.

"So now all you do is flip out the mask and put it up," said Juan Valerio.

"I might help people with this and everything, so it just gives me a lot of comfort," said Matthew Valerio