'I'm just going to keep doing it': 10-year-old doesn't let snow or ice snap his daily surfing streak

"Since there is nothing else to do, why not keep doing it?" he said.


It was a snow day for Carter Dooley's school district in New Jersey.


But snow and ice didn't keep the 10-year-old from his daily surfing routine.

Dooley started going surfing every day when New Jersey first went into lockdown in 2020 at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 590 days later, he's keeping the streak alive.

"Since there is nothing else to do, why not keep doing it?" he told News 12 New Jersey. "It's fun. And I got all these great things from doing it, so I'm just going to keep doing it."

His initial goal was a 100-day surfing streak. Then, he moved it to a year. Now, he's bumped it to 1,000 days.

Dooley's parents help out with transportation and motivation.

"Me and Carter's dad, we're just so happy that he found his thing and the ocean has always been his thing that kind of calms him and grounds him and he's so happy to be out there, and we're happy to help his passion every day," Dooley's mother, Dawn, said.

Dooley has used the attention he's received on social media and local news coverage to help others. He's collected food for a soup kitchen and raised money for an animal rescue in his community.

See him hit the waves in the video above.